What You Can Recycle and Where to Take It in Louisville, KY

You just ate the last bit of cereal for breakfast and are left with an empty box. What are you going to do with it? Thrown in the trash can or toss it into the recycling bin? Some of the most common reasons why people do not recycle are that it is inconvenient, they do not know what is recyclable, or they simply do not care. Recycling has a huge impact because it eliminates some of the waste that can leave a damaging impression on the environment. With a collective effort, we can reduce our [...]

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Top 7 Winter Events in Indianapolis, Indiana

As the winter season rolls around, it’s hard to find something to do on those cold winter days that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the tv and trying to stay warm. If you’re in the Indianapolis, IN area, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of things to do: the top seven must-attend events, if you will. Grab your hat, gloves, and your friends and get out the door. We promise these are events you don’t want to miss. It’s time to go explore just what exactly the city of Indianapolis, IN has [...]

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Top 7 Winter Events in Louisville, Kentucky

The sun is setting, the snowflakes are falling, and you’re looking for something to do on a winter night in Louisville, Kentucky. Look no further. We’ve prepared the list of must-see, must-attend events that take place right here in your hometown. We’ve included all you need to know, down to the last detail. Depending on what you like, these events may not be for everyone. However, we guarantee there’s something, somewhere, on this list that you’re bound to enjoy. Your only job is to grab a jacket and a few friends or family members [...]

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