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Top 7 Fall Events in Louisville, KY

Just because summer is over and the kids are back in school does not mean the fun has to stop. Louisville, KY is bursting at the seams with fun filled events to enjoy throughout this fall season.From arts and crafts to beer runs and jack o’ lanterns, there is something for everyone to enjoy this fall in Louisville, KY. Here is a list of some of the must do events in the Derby City.#1 - WorldFestWorldFest, one of the region’s largest international festivals, celebrates its 17th anniversary with four days of expanded world food, music, [...]

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Top 7 Summer Events in Louisville, KY

The rainy season is over, school is out, and it’s time to have some fun. Before you plan a vacation away from home, check out all the awesome events that are happening right in your backyard in Louisville, KY this summer. From outdoor concerts to unique food experiences, there is something for everyone this summer in the great city of Louisville, KY. So get out here and have some fun! #1 - Abby Road on the River The world’s largest Beatles-inspired music festival returns this Memorial Day weekend just across the river from Louisville, [...]

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Top 7 Spring Events in Louisville, KY

Winter is over and spring is blossoming over Derby City. As soon as the winter winds stops blowing, everyone immediately goes into “Kentucky Derby” mode. Yet, there are so many other events and festivals going on in Louisville, Ky that are worth checking out. There are events for the young and young at heart, food lovers, music lovers, and art lovers. To make planning your springtime fun easier, we have put together a list of the top seven, can’t miss, events in Louisville, KY during the spring. #1 - St. Patrick’s Day Parade This [...]

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Where to Recycle Electronics in Louisville, KY

Did you know that according to the Consumer Electronics Association, each American household owns about 24 electronic devices? What are you going to do when all those computers, televisions, cell phones, and game systems start breaking and become outdated? Are you going to kick them to the curb? We hope you don’t! There is another way to get rid of your broken or dated devices - electronic recycling. What is Electronic Recycling? Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the trash that is produced from broken or obsolete electronic products. So rather than toss it in [...]

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Home Remodeling: Cost vs Value in Louisville, KY

If you’re even considering moving in the future or doing a little home remodeling, it might be time to start gathering your boxes and toolbelt. Because of historically low inventory, it’s a seller’s paradise across Louisville, Kentucky. Houses are increasing in price and selling faster than ever because of the continued lack of listings. In just over a year, the average selling price in Louisville hitched up more than 6 percent, from $223,411 last June to $237,458 during June this year, according to the USA Today network. The state average is quite lower, but still [...]

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