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You ask, “Who wants to pay for a dumpster rental when I can drive to the landfill myself?”

Well, dumpster rental prices are actually the more affordable option. Here’s why.

Having a dumpster on site isn’t only a luxury for big companies; it’s one of the smartest ways to save money on any project.

We’ve compared the cost of hauling waste yourself vs. our roll off dumpster rental prices, so you can understand the factors that sway costs to make the best decision for you.

Costs of Hauling the Load Yourself vs. Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Before you decide that hauling debris to the landfill is cheaper than renting a roll off dumpster, consider these questions:

How big is your truck or trailer? Every time it gets full, you have to stop what you’re doing to unload which costs you more time. Using our 10-day dumpster rentals, you can continue loading and never worry about unloading it!

How many loads do you estimate you’ll have? For every additional trip, weigh in the cost of gas, travel time, and downtime while you have nowhere to put your additional trash.

How close is the landfill from your site? Even if it’s only 15 minutes away, it’ll take almost an hour to secure each load, drive both ways, and unload. That can add up to several hours of your day!

Are there fees associated with the landfill near you? Most will charge per load or per weight.

Does that facility accept the type of debris you have? Some Indianapolis area facilities don’t accept certain materials. Do you feel like driving to multiple facilities to unload it all?

Have you researched the waste transport laws in your city and state? Sometimes it’s actually illegal to dump it yourself, which can lead to big fines.

On the other hand, all a rented dumpster requires you to do is call to order, wait for delivery, and it’s ready to load. This eliminates the repetitive process of securing, hauling, and unloading. In many cases, it is worth paying the extra up front to rent a dumpster to save time and effort in the long run by getting the job done faster.

Renting a Dumpster Saves You More Money

Our dumpster rental prices are budget-friendly to allow everyone in the Indianapolis, IN area to find the right product for their project. In addition to keeping competitive prices, there are even more ways you can save money on your next roll off dumpster rental:

Stay local. National companies may offer dumpster rentals, but their prices are often significantly higher than a local dumpster company due to markups.

Split the cost. Let your neighbors know you’re planning on renting a dumpster and see if they’d be interested in sharing the dumpster! If they have some items they’d like to get rid of, you can split the cost.

Estimate your load generously. If your roll off dumpster is too small, you can end up paying double. Instead, estimate generously and discuss your job with us to see what size will be best.

Consider weight. Maybe you don’t need a big dumpster, but if you have particularly heavy debris, you could end up with overweight fees. Be upfront with what you’re hauling, so there are no surprises in your bill.

Cover it up. At night, cover your dumpster with a tarp to avoid others using your dumpster for their own trash.

Finally, we encourage you to shop around at other companies in the Indianapolis area, because we are confident our roll off dumpster rental prices and quality of service are the best in the industry.

You’ve always thought about remodeling your space.

Let’s make it happen! Schedule a dumpster rental today!


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