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Keep your construction site clean and safe with Economy Dumpster!


A construction dumpster rental can be helpful for any commercial project in Louisville, KY.

If you’re considering a commercial addition, remodel, new roof, plumbing work or finally building that new location, you might need a roll off construction dumpster rental in Louisville, KY. Any commercial project can create a huge mess to deal with afterwards. This is where Economy Dumpster comes to the rescue.

Keeping the work space clear of hazardous debris is essential to the proper completion of the job and keeping everyone safe during the process.

Whether you’re doing the work yourself, or hiring a contractor, having a construction dumpster rental on property is critical. Many commercial projects in Louisville, KY could not even begin to break ground without having a construction dumpster rental on property. It’s best to schedule your construction dumpster rental before even starting on the project. This will save you a headache later on.

Depending on the scope of work and the size of your property, we have several construction dumpster rentals to fit every job.

Small Commercial Dumpsters

While everyone knows that major construction jobs require large dumpsters, there are also smaller commercial companies that need a construction dumpster rental for their projects. For roofers, remodelers, landscapers, or HVAC contractors, a pick-up truck isn’t enough to haul away debris. A small roll off construction dumpster rental is the best way to contain and remove rubbish from construction projects in Louisville and surrounding areas.

For smaller commercial jobs or weekend projects like removing/replacing a fence, deck replacement, and home floor replacement, our 10-yard dumpster is the perfect size to keep everything tidy while you work. For larger projects, our 15-yard and 20-yard construction dumpsters are ideal.

  • 10 cubic yards – This size is perfect for a bathroom remodel, a roof replacement, junk removal, cosmetic construction projects, landscaping projects, etc.
  • 15 cubic yards – Ideal for larger remodel projects of a kitchen, living area, or multiple room remodel, it’s also great for a major landscaping project.
  • 20 cubic yards – This is best suited for flooring or carpet removal in large homes or smaller commercial buildings, deck and roofing removal, or a large basement construction or cleanup.

Large Contractor Dumpsters

Having a construction dumpster rental on site not only fits in with Louisville, KY building codes, but it also maintains a safe working environment. For many jobs, a dumpster is required because of the hazards associated with debris that comes off or out of the home.

If you’re building a new home, a commercial building, or a complete house flip, you’ll likely need a larger dumpster. Our 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard construction dumpster rentals are ideal for larger commercial construction projects. Dumpsters are measured in cubic yards. For reference, a pick-up truck is typically 2.5 cubic yards. Every dumpster is 8 feet wide, but the height and length dimensions vary.

  • 20 cubic yards– This is best suited for flooring or carpet removal in commercial buildings or offices, deck and roofing removal, or a large basement construction or cleanup.
  • 30 cubic yards– This is equivalent to 12 pick-up truck loads. It is most commonly used for a major home addition or replacing large scale areas, like siding or windows.
  • 40 cubic yards– For original construction, a new house, demolition of an existing property, or similar large-scale project, this is your dumpster.

If you’re deciding between two sizes, we always suggest sizing up. Overfilling a smaller dumpster in order to get more bang for your buck is never a good idea. Dumpsters have both a designated volume level and weight limit. If you overfill your dumpsters volume limit, we cannot haul it away. Debris flying down the interstate is incredibly unsafe.

If you overfill your dumpster weight, there is an additional weight fee. Things like sand, bricks, and appliances can overfill a dumpsters weight limit quickly. If you have an especially heavy item, you may want to consider a concrete dumpster rather than a traditional construction dumpster rental.

Concrete Dumpster RentalA concrete container rental is essential when hauling away large amounts of concrete during a Louisville, KY project.

Does your next project involve the removal of large amounts of concrete? We have a dumpster for that. Concrete jobs require a different type of dumpster than regular construction work. A concrete dumpster is specifically designed to handle the extreme weight of concrete yet can still be hauled away safely.

Our concrete dumpsters are ideal for are sidewalk, pool, asphalt, or pavement removal and/or replacement. We can haul away your discarded concrete and dirt waste as long as it is clear of any other contaminants. Get in touch with our team today to find the right disposal solution for your concrete cleanup.

What Not to Throw in a Construction Dumpster

Dumpsters are not a one-for-all solution. There are several items you should not throw in a dumpster in Louisville, KY, no matter how convenient it may seem at the time. If you need to dispose of any of these items, they should be taken to the dump in Louisville, KY, or disposed of using proper disposal methods. These items include:

  • Mattresses
  • Refrigerators
  • Tires
  • Paint Cans and Lacquers
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Food Waste
  • Household Cleaners
  • Ink & Resins
  • Adhesives
  • Car Batteries
  • Oils, Fuels, and Propane Tanks
  • Railroad Ties

Dumpster Delivery and Pickup FAQ

Big construction jobs mean big messes, we help you clean up after yourself and keep things going on the job.

You should have a large, flat area for the dumpster to sit. Our dumpsters are 8 feet wide and range from 17 to 22 feet in length. Generally, this works great on a driveway, pavement, or road – but it’s important to check with city code to ensure you have permission to park a dumpster on the street.

Yes. Once the dumpster is in place, it cannot be moved. Other equipment should be moved so the dumpster has enough room for drop off and roll away.

Dumpster permits are generally only required if you are placing your roll off container directly on a street, sidewalk or any type of public property. These are commonly referred to as street or right-of-way permits and are issued by Louisville, KY’s public works department.

A parking lot would be ample space for a construction dumpster rental, so long as the parking lot is privately owned and you don’t share the parking lot with other companies that may be upset by the presence of a dumpster. If so, you’ll need to discuss this with them, or receive the proper permits.

Give us a call! We are experts at helping you find the exact size of dumpster for your needs.

We are happy to discuss your upcoming project and determine what size you need based on the project, the space, and the property.

Of course, if you need a dumpster for a long-term project we are happy to help. Most of our clients will fill the dumpster in 10 days or less, at that time we can come pick up the first dumpster and place another one in its place.

Demolition debris piles up fast. We always recommend sizing up when ordering a dumpster, but if you find that you fill your dumpster early, just give us a call. We can work with you to remove the full dumpster and bring in a new one. If you overfill your dumpster, we can’t haul it away efficiently and it only adds to your bill. The best method is to order one size up from what you think you need.  

Once the construction dumpster rental is full, give us a call and we will haul it away. There’s no work on your part. Just ensure that the load does not exceed the height of the dumpster or the weight limit. If this happens, there will be an additional charge tacked onto your bill.

Why Rent From Economy Dumpster?

When you’ve got a big job to do, give us the dirty work. We make construction dumpster rental quick and easy. From demo day to installation, we provide what you need when you need it most. When you book our dumpsters, they arrive ready to use as early as the next business day.

We can help you find the right size to fit your job and deliver it the very next day. Every rental from Economy Dumpster includes an easy-to-understand price that includes delivery, 10-days of use, pick up, and disposal. There are no additional fees for landfill use or transportation cost.

Each construction dumpster rental has a side loading door for easy access and won’t damage your property. Our goal is to make debris removal a simple process no matter how much trash you have. Give us a call today to see how we can help make your job site a little cleaner. We are there when you need us.

Dumpster Rental Near Me

Economy Dumpster in Louisville, KY is proud to work with local businesses in the Louisville area and the surrounding cities.

  • St. Matthews
  • Middletown
  • Jeffersontown
  • Pleasure Ridge Park
  • Shively
  • Valley Station
  • Prospect
  • Anchorage
  • LaGrange
  • Crestwood
  • Lyndon
  • Fairdale
  • Fern Creek
  • Okolona
  • Highview

For your next commercial project, you can count on us to provide you with the perfect construction dumpster rental. Give us a call today!

Big construction jobs leave behind even bigger messes.

Clean up after yourself and schedule a dumpster rental today!


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